Oh hi. So you’re here to learn a little bit about us. Well, here goes…
We’re a duo hailing from the land of snow and purple rain. Our journey into photo & video began with a 6 year annual pilgrimage from the Rockies to the Cascades and back again, where we eventually landed in the Columbia River Gorge. Our roots have been drawn in actions sports, beginning in the snowboard industry, but over the years have grown to include ski, bike, surf and pretty much anything outside. 
No, we’re not afraid of being inside, and are just about as happy working in a studio shooting product videos or stop motion animations, but some of our favorite things to do are short form branded documentaries that get us out in the field to tell stories that inspire. We like to keep things light and mobile allowing us to work within a diverse range of environments.

We're based in the Columbia River Gorge, and our 2 cattle pups keep us in check. If we’re not behind the computer or lens, look for us in the snow, on the trails or somewhere in between.

Just for Fun.